Uneeko Poly Glu

Multi Functional High Polymer Flocculant PGA21CA


Uneeko Poly Glu is a flocculant that has both organic and inorganic characteristics used for the purification of contaminated waste water.


The application options for Uneeko Poly Glu are many and varied. This versatile flocculant has proven beneficial across multiple industries including mining, power stations, farming and agriculture.


Uneeko Poly Glu also has potential for humanitarian application aiding in the purification of drinking water.

Poly Glu Features


  • Fast formation of flocks and their fast precipitation compared to other products.
  • Can be used in water with a wide range of pH levels (4-12)
  • Small changes in pH compared to other flocculants.
  • Safety has been confirmed by several examinations at institutions recognised by environmental ministry.
  • Can effectively remove heavy minerals in water.
  • Can reduce the cost of sludge treatment since the proportion of water in flocks is quite low.
  • Can be used together with other flocculants such as PAC.

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