Uneeko Underground Toilet

The New Alternative to The Conventional Mining Toilet


Toilets traditionally used in underground mines have not evolved much in one hundred years. They are essentially collection boxes which must be taken to the surface and emptied when full. This approach results in two problem areas:


  1. The cost of ongoing extraction and emptying . The cost involves the labour and supervision of the actual move and the opportunity cost of the regular mine transport of this system.
  2. The welfare and wellbeing of the miners who must use this system with ongoing smells, potential contamination and no privacy. Miners have reported that they will travel to the surface rather than use these toilets, particularly when they are nearly full.

UNEEKO Underground Toilet

  • Unlike the conventional Toilet the Uneeko Underground Toilet processes the waste in situ so that it can remain underground far longer. It is designed to remain underground for twelve months or to fit in with each stage of the mine development, minimising underground interruptions and transport costs.
  • The Toilet requires only one connection, mine air making it convenient, low maintenance and environmentally friendly.
  • The Toilet is a flush toilet which completely separates the user from the stored sewage, virtually eliminating smells and completely eliminating the possibility of “splash – back”. The cubicle has seamless, large radius corners and an integrated light which contribute to the cleanliness of the toilet surrounds and consequent serviceability.
  • The Uneeko Underground Toilet provides standard public toilet levels of privacy and can accept female hygiene items into the bowl.

How It Works

Uneeko Underground Toilet processes the sewage through a multi stage process within the unit. The final stage is sterilisation which produces cleaner water than is discharged from municipal sewerage plants. This sterilised water is used to flush the toilet. The special toilet bowl has no water at the bottom until it is flushed, adding an extra level of safeguard against “splash – back”.

The “solids” content of the waste is greatly reduced by the action of aerobic bacteria. Aerobic bacterial degradation does not smell. The water content of the waste does not accumulate as it evaporates off through a filter.

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