Uneeko Rapid Road

Uneeko Rapid Road is a cementitious product designed specifically for underground roadway repair in coal mines. 


  • Uneeko Rapid Road has been designed to be dumped into broken roadway water holes that are continually flooded making access into underground districts difficult. This minimises risk to damaging diesel equipment.
  • Rapid Road absorbs water quickly and turns the cementitious product into a workable mixture that starts to go off rapidly, giving you 20 minutes to work the product and level out to the required roadway height.
  • Mixing of the product can be done using a simplistic shovel and rake approach.
  • Diesel vehicle access across repaired roadways is permitted within 4 hours after completion.
  • Heavy mining equipment around 40/50t can travel over repaired roadways within 24 hours.
  • Rapid Road can also be used for footings in the construction of dam walls for broken, flooded roadways.

Client Testimonial


Rapid Road was very successfully used on high wear areas of roadway on our last Longwall recovery. It was cost effective and efficient to use due to the ease of application and required minimal labour. Rapid Road has short curing times and is very hard wearing. We have since used it on trouble spots on our main roadways with the same success. It's a great product.

Peter Muddiman - Longwall Coordinator

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